Class of 2015

Welcome to our Neophytes
(Class of 2015)

RCIA represents a period of discernment, conversion and instruction for those seeking God through the Catholic faith. We welcome our new “Inquirers” into our faith community, having celebrated the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens (for those unbaptized), and the Rite of Welcoming Candidates (previously baptized). We ask all of you for your support and prayers for our neophytes.

Once again we give thanks to God for the new members entering our community. The following catechumens were baptized at the Easter Vigil:

Avery Everett • Sabum Hong • Jangik Jin • Sohyun Joo • HyeLim Jung • Doyoung Kim Chang gun Kum • Dooyoung Lim • JungChan Youn

We received fully into the Catholic Church the following folks who were already baptized Christian:

David Connolly • Fallon Dungan • Shannon Hayes • Dharell Mosby • Taylor Mourer

Also, the Holy Spirit moved the following Catholic students to receive their Confirmation:

Maria Jose Hurtado • Chelsea Kahle • Hee Joong Kim • Hoyoon Na • Hyowon Park • Alejandro Victor Rodriguez Vanzetti

May God bless and keep you all. May your faith journey continue to unfold and make known to you the wonderful mystery of God’s love through the risen Christ.


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