A New Academic Year

God calls each of us into a relationship of love. Our whole faith journey is the living out of this call to relationship—to love God and to love our neighbor. This means that we must be involved with and for others. In light of this, I offer a few resolutions for this new school year for students (or anyone) to consider:

Stay in close touch with your parents, family and friends • It is so easy for us to take for granted those closest to us. Realize how much your parents think of you and ease their minds and lift their spirits with a frequent phone call.

Involve and invest yourself fully in your studies • The opportunity for an education is really more than just an opportunity – it is a gift – so make the most of it! Don’t enroll in the easy elective course, rather stretch your mind and take a course that challenges you. Resolve to spend less time on social media and watching TV, and spend just an hour more each day to read and study, or even just think.

Don’t procrastinate • It’s always difficult not to put schoolwork off until the night before, but try your hardest to start getting assignments and projects done as early as possible. You won’t have the undue stress of trying to complete something at the last minute, and you will have a chance to revisit your work and proofread it—things that usually lead to better grades!

Relax • Students have very busy schedules, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to find time to relax now and then. Sticking to the resolution above will make this resolution much easier to keep. Take a walk, read a book, take a nap, find a place to be at peace, internally and externally.

Volunteer in the community and church • This will not only help you on your résumé, but contribute to the greater good of your community and your church. Opportunities are plentiful in this ministry to give of your time both in our Liturgies and our student organizations. The university also has plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer. We will announce service trips and other local service opportunities throughout the year, so stay tuned!

Say your prayers • Too many students relax their involvement in the faith when they go away to school. Take it from someone who did, there is absolutely nothing to gain with such a lifestyle. Stay close to the Church, embrace your faith—talk to God always, even yell at God if you must! It is only by staying in touch with God that you will know of “His” presence to you. It is through prayer that we “experience” God in the ups and downs of life.