Liturgical Ministries

Music Ministry
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Lectors / Hospitality Ministers / Eucharistic Ministers
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Mass Coordinators
These volunteers fill the same role that sacristans fill in a parish. For each mass, their duties include:
• Set-up for mass (placement of vessels, altar cloth, books, crucifix, tables for worship aids, Holy Water font, collection baskets, etc.)
• Identify scheduled Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Hospitality Ministers. If additional ministers are needed, obtain ones from those present in the congregation at that particular mass
• Assist with seating in Worship Hall
• Ask for volunteers to carry the gifts to the altar
• Oversee the duties of the Hospitality Ministers and assist with the collection
• Handle any emergencies that may occur during mass so that the liturgy is uninterrupted
• Oversee the purification of vessels after mass
• Tidy up the worship space after mass

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