Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Phillip Mackenzie Torbert, Director


Our scheduled rehearsal times are before each Mass for approx. 30-45 min. in the Worship Hall of Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. Just come down to the piano at the front of the hall. Depending on interest and availability, we may try to schedule another rehearsal during the week for those attending the 9pm Mass so that we might supplement the hymns with true choral music.

Musicians are expected to be at one mass per weekend (usually the same one, and if you are able to attend more than one, wonderful!), unless you’re going out of town or are ill or otherwise unavailable (THON canning, etc.). There are a few special masses during each semester, such as Ash Wednesday and Holy Week masses in the spring, where musicians are also needed.

If you have more questions, please come by one of our rehearsals (see information below) or email Phillip Torbert, the music director at

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